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EV (Electric Vehicle) Get Me Home Charging on 13A sockets

Owners of certain electric cars will likely to have a “Get Me Home” cable which can be plugged into a standard domestic 13A socket.  Useful if visiting friends or relatives and you have misjudged the power in the car batteries needed to get you home.

Take a little care with these charging cables because they often need a fairly continuous 10A of electricity while plugged in.  A 13A socket is designed to provide 10A of electricity but be aware this socket could be on the primary downstairs sockets circuits of a home which is designed for 32A maximum.  Where this same circuit could have high energy use tumble drier, washing machine, portable heaters or similar. Maybe in a busy home with guests present so more occupants than usual as well.  So suggest apply some common sense  to enquire as what you are planning to plug a Get Me Home Lead into.

Also if the property at which this lead is being plugged in happens to be an old small terraced house or flat that has not been renovated of late, be aware there are still quite proportion of old electrical services that are rated at 60A maximum for the whole house, and old Consumer Units (Fuse Boxes) with a maximum limit of 60A for the whole house. More modern installations will have 100A capacity for a whole house.

“Shocking” Kitchen Problem

I was recently called out for a reported minor electric shock incident.  Discovered a Double Socket Outlet plastic front had been incorrectly replaced by a DIYer. Worse still the DIYer must have been colour blind and or had  bad eyesight because the wiring into the back of the socket was exactly wrong;  The live wire was screwed into the Earth terminal! Luckily no one was injured, including me.  It was a quick job to repair and test. All safe now.

Fuse Box Replacement Prices

Because of a change to the UK electrical installation regulations the costs for a Domestic Consumer Unit (Fuse Box) are very likely to increase and the new Consumer Units that I have seen for far from manufacturers are not so compact or pretty to look at.  The pricing for these new Consumer Units  will be become clearer as more options from manufacturers become available.

However the good news is these new Consumer Units are designed to be a lower fire risk than many previous designs, because that is why they have changed the regulations!

These regulation changes for Consumer Units come into force from June this year but to allow for Manufacturers to get organised with new products there is an agreed relaxation that both old and new regulation Consumer Units can be used until January 2016.


Kitchen Under Cabinet Lighting

I have replaced a few of these lights replacement in kitchens. Often it is the 230V fluorescent tube “link” types that have failed where I simply replace with fairly inexpensive KSR manufactured units.  But the halogen 20 watt 12V units with broken push in lamp connectors or broken lenses may as well be scrapped and replaced with LED lamped models. Sure you can buy direct replacement 20 watt Halogen fittings for £10, but why bother with all that hassle of changing those fiddly lamps and it is a waste of energy. The replacement LED versions only use 3 watts of energy and produce 150 lumens of light which is similar to a 15 watt Halogen lamp. Again KSR make a nice one, and KSR are a company local to my business in Horndean See http://www.ksrlighting.com/lighting/Kitchen-Undershelf.html.

Home Electrical Installation Inspection

Often for a few hundred pounds an electrician can throughly safety check a home or small business electrical installation. This would most likely include advise concerning essential or desirable work, energy usage reduction techniques and fire/smoke detection alarms. This inspection is called Periodic inspection and testing. It usually only needs doing every 10 years. If it costs £200- 250 for this inspection and test, that is only £20-25 a year over 10 years. I would say is very good value compared to say a annual gas boiler service or a chimney sweep once a year. Compared to the probable value of the property as a whole it would be a wise investment for the safety of the family in the house