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Domestic Lighting Fittings

Having first qualified as an electrician in the 80s I am finding it surprising lately that poor quality electrical installation work can be stumbled upon so often. An example that I have come across quite a few times lately is the connection between two cables in a roof cavity using a simple insulated screw terminal block where no enclosure has be used to surround the connectors (Basic Protection in regulation speak). In one of these cases I was told by the home owner that an “electrician” had done the work. Considering the training electricians have to complete before being allowed out on real work I find it incredible that a trained electrician would omit putting an enclosure around live connections in a roof or floor space.

However there is one location in a home where there is a high risk of these terminal blocks being used without an enclosure, this being where fancy or cheap ceiling light fittings are DIY installed as a replacement for a ceiling rose. In many cases there is simply not enough room in these fittings for the required wires (could be 11 wires from three cables). In these cases it is probable a Maintenance Free junction box will required in the ceiling cavity so all the wiring can be connected up as was originally designed then just one cable is needed from the junction box to the new light fitting. Homeowners considering buying replacement light fittings should first enquire with an Electrician to find out if and how a replacement fitting could be safely installed.