LED Lamp Colours Do Vary

When choosing you new low energy lamps it is well worth making sure you have the shade of white that suits the room and the type of lighting you want.  Take the trouble to look on the box to see what you are thinking of buying.  Generally the colour of white can be bought in the range from 2700K to 4000K.

2700K is a warm white colour that replicates halogen and old style incandescent lamps.  This might be what you would need if mixing new LEDs with order style lamps or for use in relaxation rooms such as a lounge or bedroom.

3500K is a noticeable whiter shade than 2700K which may suit a bathroom or kitchen.

4000K is a bright clear white that may suit a white brightly decorated bathroom or kitchen. It offer a very clean modern look.

4000K and upwards to 5000K is sometimes called “daylight”.

While looking at the label on these new lamps you will notice they are rated in Lumens as opposed to Watts. This is something we will all have to get used to because simply buying an old 100 Watt bulb is not something you can do now.

For any spot light lamps such as GU10s and downlighter take care to check the beam width specification as well. They can vary for example between 35 degrees to 60 degrees. Importantly a wider beam width means you can use less downlights for a given size of room, but take care to ensure the end result gives the desired level of light because wider beam width usually means a lower lumen output compared to a narrower beam width. Hence getting an electrical contractor who has experience with light level design is important.

Often places that sell these lamps will have a few on demonstration side by side so you can see the difference.  I usually carry a few in my stock so I can demonstrate to customers the differences.



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