Home LAN

At home if you are having speed problems with your Gaming or Smart TV on wireless LAN then why not convert to a wired cable connection between the Broadband hub and the end device e.g. Smart TV. Running cables around a home is business as usual for a good electrician so it would be fine to ask one to run a Local Area Network (LAN) cable for you. It could for example dramatically improve the performance of your BBC iPlayer on a Smart TV. There are a few requirements and best practices for LAN cabling to be aware of and typically what is called CAT5e standard for cabling will suffice.

If you experiencing problems with wireless LAN speeds to Smart TVs then you probably have already thought about using a pair of Powerline networking devices. These devices plug into domestic 13A sockets, one close to the Broadband hub the other close to your Smart TV. The devices each have a RJ45 LAN socket that in effect provides a LAN connection transparently over the electrical circuit. As I understand it for best performance the 13A sockets used need to both be on the same electrical circuit. These certainly are useful but my own view would be if you have just spent £600 on a Smart TV and £20 a month on Broadband then don’t skimp of the LAN connectivity and instead install wired (CAT5e) connectivity as opposed to Wireless or Powerline methods.

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