Cheap GU10 LED Replacement Lamps

I visited a home yesterday to do a few unrelated repairs and happened to notice the lighting was dreadful. The home was an apartment with no natural in the hall or bathrooms. Most of the lighting in these rooms was downlighters using GU10 type lamps where over half of them had been converted to “low energy LED”. But the choice of LED lamps was the worst I have seen. The lamps were the type with three LEDs in each lamp which in itself was not the main problem. It was the colour of the light and the spread of light that was awful. The colour was clearly a blue tinge and of a very narrow bandwidth wavelength. The result was a very depressing atmosphere in the hall. In the other rooms the downlighters were a mix of lamps being halogen, cheap LED and a couple of quality LEDs. It looked very odd with all the different shades of “white” light.

I found in the home a stack of six more of these GU10 LED replacement lamps ready to fitted at sometime in the future. I suggested to the owner they should get rid of those spares without using them.

I carry in my van demonstrators for quality lamps LED GU10 lamps to show customers why it is worth changing to LED downlighter lamps and to encourage spending a little more to get quality lamps. I tried one of my demonstrator cool whites in a bathroom and a warm white in the hall. What a difference, a vast improvement to the lighting! The owner immediately asked me to replace the lot with my chosen quality lamps.

Moral – Be wary of unbranded cheap LED replacement LED downlighter lamps. If you are doing it yourself and are not sure then buy one first and try it before replacing all of them. Or find an electrician with some experience in these matters to chose the most suitable lighting for your situation.

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