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School USB Charging

In College and Secondary School libraries there is increasing use of tablets other compact mobile computing devices in private and group study areas. Associated with this is the need to provide a battery charging capability for the devices. It might be of interest to Librarians to know that 13A 240V double socket power outlets are now available with USB charging points built into the face plate.

Storage Shelving

For a general storage solution I recently specified and installed a Dexion manufactured Longspan shelving solution and was very pleased with the result. I selected this particular product for a school because :

* it has options for long spans of shelving which means less wasted space when storing typical plastic boxes.
* very high shelf loading specifications which suits storage of dense boxed paper archive files and heavy book stock.
* has an option for steel shelves which will not sag over time in damp situations, a requirement in this case.
* is simple to erect straight and square without too much effort. Note that some shelving systems take considerable labour time to assemble.
* has a high quality finish that will not rust over a long service life.

I would definitely recommended it again for a back office storage solution.